Graduate Teaching Areas
Critical Theory and Cultural Studies; Animal Studies; Trauma Studies; Rhetorical Theory; Feminist Theory; Women's Literature; Scholarly Publishing; & Critical Pedagogy.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Animal Studies; Postcolonial Literature; Trauma Literature; Literary Criticism; Cultural Studies; Rhetorical Theory;
& Women's Literature.

Doctoral Dissertations
Co-Director, “The Discourse of Terrorism,” Teresa Grettano, present.

Member, “Rhetorical Ratios: Toward a New Theory of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.” Kellie Sharp-Hoskins, present.

Member, “Listening to Haunted Identities: A Pedagogy of Mourning for Rhetorical Education,” Shelly DeBlasis, 2011.

Member, “A Counterhistory of Process: Unsettling the Moral Economy of Rhetoric and Composition Studies,”
Kyle Jensen, 2009.

Director, “Moving Thumos: Emotion, Image, and the Enthymeme,” Eric Mason, 2007.

Director, “Honor—A Double-Edged Sword: An Examination of the South’s ‘Culture of Honor’ and the Wounding of Two Races,” Vernetta Williams, 2007.

Member, Ellen Flournoy, “Facing Subjectivity: Christian Right Women,” 2006.

Member, Stan Harrison “A Discourse Concerning Two New Compositions,” 2005.

Member, Meredith Shoenut, “Canadian Postwar Perspectives of Her-Story: Historiographic Metafiction by Laurence, Kogawa, Shields, and Atwood,” 2005. Won the “best dissertation” award from the Margaret Atwood Society.

Member, Michael Benton, Transperspective English Studies: The Potential of a Poetics/Politics/Pedagogy of Community, Place and Identity, 2006.

Member, Khaled Aljenfawi, Relieving Tensions: Targeting Islam in Eighteenth Century British Writing, 2005.

Director, “Pretty Is as Pretty Does: Southern Literature and the Rhetoric of Silence,” Tammy Evans, 2004. Published as The Silencing of Ruby McCollum: Race, Class, and Gender in the South. University Press of Florida, 2006.

Director, “Composing an Economy of Meaning: The Rhetoric of Experience in Composition Studies,” Colleen Connolly, 2003.

Director, “Queer Commentary: Rethinking Pedagogy,” Thomas Peele, 2002.

Member, “Beauty Culture and the Pedagogy of Appearance,” Merry G. Perry, 2002.

Member, “Francis Bacon and the Essay,” Deborah Noonan, 2002.

Member, “Whiteness at Work: Composition Studies and Rhetorics of Race,” Ilene Crawford, 2000.

Member, “Composition and Public Discourse,” Christian Weisser,1999.

Member, “Redefining the Rhetorical Tradition: Feminist Sophistics, Cultural Studies, and Composition,” Andrea Greenbaum, 1999.

Member, “Teaching Resistance in Composition: Culture, Ideology, and Rhetoric,” Joe Hardin, 1999.

Member, “A Composition of Difference: Toward a Multicritical Rhetoric,” Thomas West, 1999.

Director, “Composition Studies and the Politics of Difference,” Laura Micciche, 1999.

Director, “Writing Economies: The Expansion of Composition Studies and the Circulation of Cultural Value,” Donna Strickland, 1999.

Member, “Literature, Popular Science, and Gender: Thermodynamics in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century American Culture and Thought,” Barbara Lindquist, 1998.

Member, “Breakdowns: From Nervousness to Stress in American Culture,” Kathleen Green, 1997.

Member, “The Problem of Knowledge in Computers and Composition,” Kim van Alkemade, 1997.

Member, “The Politics of Preparation: Discourse, Genre, and the Novice Writer,” Margaret Lansing, 1994.

Director, “Gypsy Academics and Motherteachers: Part-time Women Teachers in Composition Studies,” Eileen Schell, 1993. Published as Gypsy Academics and Mother-teachers: Gender, Contingent Labor, and Writing Instruction. Heinemann, 1997.

Member, “Practice Against Theory in Writing Proficiency Exams,” Don Perkins, 1993.

Member, “The Question of Belief: Pragmatisim and Poststructuralism in Contemporary Composition Studies,” Kevin O’Donnell, 1993.

Member, “Mother/Body/Text and Women’s Autobiography,” Kristi Siegel, 1991.

Master’s Theses and Projects
Member, “Metaphor in Technical Writing,” Jing Liu, 2005.

Director, “Interdisciplinarity in Composition Studies,” Julie Yeh, 2002.

Member, “The Cultural Logic of the Whore in Early Modern Drama,” Jennifer Sansone, 1997.

Director, “‘The Kind of Thing Which Needs to be Said’: Feminist Historiography in Composition Studies,” Colleen Connolly, 1997.

Member, “Specters of Marx: Derrida and Spivak,” Michele Hirning, 1997.

Member, “Rhetoric and Composition Studies: A Graduate Student Resource,” Tracey Langenbach, 1994.

Director, “Connected Knowing: A Paradigm for an Ethic of Caring in Composition Studies,” Kristi Yager, 1993.

Member, “Queer Theory and the Discourses of Sexuality,” Terrilee Bensinger, 1993.

Member, “Foucault in the Archives: New Trends in Historiography,” Melissa Watts, 1993.

Member, “The Rhetoric of Advertising,” Scott Dobberful, 1992.

Member, “Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, and a Model of Modern Critique,” Erik Lindberg, 1992.

Member, “‘Naming’ and the Feminist Project: An Exploration of Woman-Identification and ‘Naming’ in The Color Purple and Sula,” Liana Odrcic, 1991.

Member, “Paradoxical Feminism: Ambivalence, Irony, and Fetishism,” Ellen McCallum, 1991.